Meta, the parent company of social media giants Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, is set to introduce a new paid verification subscription service. The announcement was made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday, who revealed that the new feature will be called Meta Verified.

For a monthly fee of $11.99 on the website and $14.99 on iOS, Instagram and Facebook users will be able to present their official ID and get a blue verification badge. This badge will serve as a symbol of authenticity and credibility for verified users, indicating that their identity has been confirmed by the platform.

Benefits of the blue check

Meta Verified offers a range of exciting features that will provide a multitude of benefits to users. For instance, by getting a blue verification badge, you will be able to confirm your identity to your followers, giving them greater confidence that they are interacting with the authentic you. This is especially important for public figures, businesses and influencers who want to establish their credibility on social media.

Another significant advantage of Meta Verified is the increased protection it provides against identity fraud. With proactive account monitoring, Meta will identify and flag potential imposters who may be trying to engage people with growing online audiences. This feature will help keep your account safe and secure, giving you greater confidence when using social networks.

Moreover, Meta Verified provides access to real people who can help you with common account issues. This is a great feature that allows you to get personalized support and assistance when you need it. In addition, users will have access to exclusive features, such as stickers, that can help users express themselves in a unique way.

Finally, Meta Verified offers increased visibility and reach on the platform. Verified users will be given prominence in certain areas of the platform, such as search, comments, and recommendations, giving them the opportunity to reach a larger audience. These advantages make Meta Verified an attractive option for users who want to boost their online presence and establish themselves as trustworthy and credible figures on the networks.

verification payment

This follows a similar move by Twitter, which introduced Twitter Blue, a subscription service that offers a blue checkmark and access to features like editing tweets for $8 per month.

The new service will also be available on Instagram, but separate subscriptions will be required for each platform. This means that businesses or individuals who want to be verified on both Facebook and Instagram will have to pay separate subscription fees. The move is expected to generate a consistent monthly income for Meta, which is currently monetized through advertising.



Release process

Meta Verified will launch in Australia and New Zealand this week, with plans to expand to other countries. Meta has also stated that, while it tests and learns, there will be no changes to Instagram and Facebook accounts that were already verified. However, the meaning of the verified insignia is being expanded, which will allow users to differentiate more easily between genuine and fake accounts.

Overall, the introduction of Meta Verified is an exciting development that will improve the user experience and provide greater security and authenticity on social media platforms. As Meta continues to expand the service, it will be interesting to see how this new subscription model affects the future of social media.

Sergio Martín Díaz Chief Executive Officer